Golden Snitch


Elegance and power in one touch.

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Golden Snitch is made from natural Buffalo Eye stones, hematite, and gilded surgical steel. If you watched a story about Harry Potter, you know the game Quidditch and the rule was to catch the snitch. Every detail of the bracelet only emphasizes the sophistication and power. This bracelet will undoubtedly become an integral part of your style.⠀

Eye of Buffalo is useful for diseases affecting the respiratory tract such as asthma. This stone-a wonderful rare quartz eye of a Buffalo – is difficult to get. The quartz eye of the Buffalo is usually found with the quartz tiger eye, but much less frequently. Stone in wonderful stripes of red-light brown and dark brown in beautiful warm brown tones.

Hematite is a semi-precious stone, chemically – iron oxide, which can take various forms: from crystals by concentrating stalactites, after globular. In nature, it turns black and very dark brown, but when powdered, it turns red. After polishing it gets a metallic luster with rainbow highlights.

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